spare me

Can't you just spare me one, give me atleast one.
Of all the girls that walked by in my life, isn't one of them for me?
Can't you see that im all alone, here just by myself.

Moments in time, people that left, they walked away, did they care?
I don't know, they said they did but was it all just a big lie?

Spare me one atleast, one to look at, one to hold, one to love.
Spare me one, give me peace, give me hope, hope to live on.
You took away everything and left me with nothing but sorrow, a cold heart and broken promisses.

So what have i learned?'
Never trust the guy above, never let your tears get washed away
by the rain he gives us and never look up with a wish of happiness.
He will just crush that hope, that dream, that love


Postat av: JENNA

såg att du hade away from the sun med 3 doors.. så underbart bra..

2008-04-24 @ 23:25:43

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